Hollander: Top Fan Films on the Internet

How many times have you watched an adaptation of your favorite comic, video game, or books on the big screen, and remain dissatisfied with what you’ve seen? Or you are simply dissatisfied with the fact that some stories just can come to life in a form of a film? With this in mind, noted American film director Neil Hollander offers the audiences sort of a consolation in a form of unofficial fan films that have recently flooded the Internet, and behind which typically stand amateur but creative filmmakers. But as Hollander says, although they are nonprofessional, it is possible that their recordings get accepted by professional filmmakers. Here is a selection with the top three short films, which show our well-known characters into a slightly different and possibly better light that than made by major Hollywood production houses.

Batman: Under the Red Hood

From Batman to Power Rangers, Neil Hollander has highlighted several short films that have become extremely popular among the internet fans.

Batman: Dead End is a short film made by director and designer Sandy Coll which was recorded back in 2003, way before YouTube and video content was all over the internet. The 8-minute film was recorded with a $ 30,000 budget, and was premiered at the Comic-Con convention in San Diego, which was followed by numerous positive reactions of Batman fans. Some well-known names such as director Kevin Smith or comic artist Alex Ross praised the film, and what is particularly interesting about the film is that along Batman you will also get to see two other characters from a completely different “universe” – Alien and Predator!

Pac-Man: The Movie is the second short sf film chosen by Hollander for this list. If you think that the legendary video game Pac-Man is not enough cinematic, once you take a look at the short fan film about the famous yellow devourer, you will most certainly change your mind. In 2012 a short clip appeared on the Internet behind which stood the animator James Farr, and the special effects studio Steele house Digital. Pac-Man is originally conceived as a secret government project, and visually it reminds slightly of the iconic Disney film “Tron” from the early eighties.


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