Movie Villains

From evil geniuses, cunning killers and violent criminals, movie villains have us booing at the screen and jumping in our seats, yet as Neil Hollander says, they’re usually the film’s most charismatic characters. Here he scoured film history to present his favorite movie villains.

Movie Villains - Neil Hollander
Known as the ultimate intergalactic tyrant, Vader was on a mission to
wipe out Jedi Knights, quash the Rebel Alliance and rule the universe with an iron fist in a black leather glove. However, same as most villain, he too had a more sympathetic back story. Still for Neil Hollander, Vader will remain as one of the most memorable movie villain that has, or will ever exist.

Hannibal is sort of a classic example of a movie psychopath, and there is no doubt about it. Cold view, calm face and a pleasant voice, reinforcing true fear to all those who even come across the screen, yet alone in contact with him. He is a dangerous combination of a sociopath with a high intelligence, which makes him extra lethal – Hannibal keeps his psychological pathology consciousness well under control, not mixing it with raw emotions that are often responsible for errors, and therefore the prison bars. Neil Hollander was captivated with this scalar character from the first time he ever laid his eyes on it. Anthony Hopkins was a great success in this role, and masterfully presented the cruel Hannibal who has perfected in the psychological game of a cat and mouse, teasing the young Clarice, and going under her skin through the unbreakable glass of his prison cell. When Neil Hollander comes to think about it, a lot of film psychopaths end up in a type of glass prison – Magneto, Khan, Loki, Raoul Silva. Besides being a cold blooded killer, he is also enriched with many other features of an executioner, primarily cannibalism in which he so much enjoys. Hannibal is a great display of pure intellect brilliantly mixed with a lack of empathy and concern for moral principles. The resulting cocktail is a name that immediately evokes a memory of a killer.

More movie reviews from this author are available at Hollander’s blog profile at SCALAR.


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