Promotion of Neil Hollander’s Work in New York

Picture of mourning

The exhibition of Neil Hollander’s artistic expression was opened on April 12 and can be seen until June 11.

Recently in the interview for Patch, Hollander presented me his plan to re-strengthen the American treasury of artistic heritage, i.e. to increase the artistic activities with several new books and documentary films throughout the year. I am particularly pleased to hear that he plans to unite the creativity of two administratively-political places with same spirituality. This fact itself is a reason good enough for both sides to respond to the unnaturally contrived toll, which separates one nation, one heart in two. We live in a time of globalization, time when only the spiritual unity and cultural creativity can preserve the identity of American people.



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Movie Villains

From evil geniuses, cunning killers and violent criminals, movie villains have us booing at the screen and jumping in our seats, yet as Neil Hollander says, they’re usually the film’s most charismatic characters. Here he scoured film history to present his favorite movie villains.

Movie Villains - Neil Hollander
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Interview with Neil Hollander

Today we have an interview with our well-known writer, director and film producer Neil Hollander – a unique phenomenon in American cinematography due to the impact that he had on the making of feature and short films.

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Hollander: Top Fan Films on the Internet

How many times have you watched an adaptation of your favorite comic, video game, or books on the big screen, and remain dissatisfied with what you’ve seen? Or you are simply dissatisfied with the fact that some stories just can come to life in a form of a film? With this in mind, noted American film director Neil Hollander offers the audiences sort of a consolation in a form of unofficial fan films that have recently flooded the Internet, and behind which typically stand amateur but creative filmmakers. But as Hollander says, although they are nonprofessional, it is possible that their recordings get accepted by professional filmmakers. Here is a selection with the top three short films, which show our well-known characters into a slightly different and possibly better light that than made by major Hollywood production houses.

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Hollander: Film Trends that Marked the Beginning of the 21 Century

We’re already well into the 21 century, and throughout the last fifteen years in the film industry, there have been many changes and phenomena that will certainly launch writings of comprehensive analysis in the near or distant future, although they aren’t lacking right now. Film director Neil Hollander has been following these various trends since the beginning of this century, and as he says, there are some modern trends in the seventh art that he likes, and then there are those that he simply can’t wait to go away. Below, Hollander has submitted to Crunchbase a list where he deals with some of the most prominent:

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