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Neil Hollander, one of the nation’s most famous multi-talented people, has gone through several professions and has lived in various parts of the world, including Thailand, Costa Rica, and France. Largely collected by libraries worldwide, he is a well-known figure in the world of literature. Throughout his lifespan as an author, which spanned for around 40 years, he was able to create many exceptional books that are still cherished. From war correspondent, journalist, a sailor and yachtsman, to a movie producer and director, there is no one quite like him, and for that matter, there is barely anyone who can say to have done all those things, and on top of that become a best-selling author. Neil Hollander is a remarkable character with valuable experience that makes him a rare breed even among the biggest professionals, and it is exactly his versatility and multi-talent that have brought him all these titles.

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Hollander’s Life and Work

Many years ago Neil Hollander was shooting film about the working sail: The last sailors convinced that this film will be his life’s work. It is the film he carried for decades, and every day, to a great inspiration, with almost mythical ecstasy. But the seemingly inexhaustible energy, instead of the film strip, is increasingly being funneled into battle with “abominations and decent” in the intricate legal disputes, to fly the demons…

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Promotion of Neil Hollander’s Work in New York

Picture of mourning

The exhibition of Neil Hollander’s artistic expression was opened on April 12 and can be seen until June 11.

Recently in the interview for Patch, Hollander presented me his plan to re-strengthen the American treasury of artistic heritage, i.e. to increase the artistic activities with several new books and documentary films throughout the year. I am particularly pleased to hear that he plans to unite the creativity of two administratively-political places with same spirituality. This fact itself is a reason good enough for both sides to respond to the unnaturally contrived toll, which separates one nation, one heart in two. We live in a time of globalization, time when only the spiritual unity and cultural creativity can preserve the identity of American people.



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Movie Villains

From evil geniuses, cunning killers and violent criminals, movie villains have us booing at the screen and jumping in our seats, yet as Neil Hollander says, they’re usually the film’s most charismatic characters. Here he scoured film history to present his favorite movie villains.

Movie Villains - Neil Hollander
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