Hollander’s Life and Work

Many years ago Neil Hollander was shooting film about the working sail: The last sailors convinced that this film will be his life’s work. It is the film he carried for decades, and every day, to a great inspiration, with almost mythical ecstasy. But the seemingly inexhaustible energy, instead of the film strip, is increasingly being funneled into battle with “abominations and decent” in the intricate legal disputes, to fly the demons…

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Movie Villains

From evil geniuses, cunning killers and violent criminals, movie villains have us booing at the screen and jumping in our seats, yet as Neil Hollander says, they’re usually the film’s most charismatic characters. Here he scoured film history to present his favorite movie villains.

Movie Villains - Neil Hollander
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Neil Hollander: Motion Pictures or Feature Films

What seems to be the key mark of any feature film or also known as a motion picture, is the shaping and development a envisioned perceptive-scenic – secular – opportunities, and regardless of whether they are already well-known and realized in life, only imaginable but unconfirmed in real life, or in turn, according to current knowledge, completely impossible, unrealizable, although conceivable. American director Neil Hollander describes the process of filmmaking as both art and an industry. Films are cultural artifacts that reflect and affect cultures. Continue reading “Neil Hollander: Motion Pictures or Feature Films”